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SEEP Impact Assessment Apr 2022

EOC Proposal for Wemyss Bight Nov 2011

SEEP Strategic Plan 2014

An Expanded SEEP Proposal 2019

Draft Action Plan
19 Nov 2015

Research on Emergency Operation Services Jul 2020

Research Disaster Response & Contingency Plan Jul 2020

SEEP Discussion Document on M&A Objectives Aug 2020

SEEP Partnership Agreement 2020 Final

First Draft SEEP Business Plan Aug 2020

First Draft of Operational Budget 2020

SOP for SEEP October 2020

Meeting with North Eleuthera Stakeholders for the ambulance

Programs pre and post EMD appointment Nov 2020 (draft)

Position Accountabilities for Admin Assistant

Tasks for SEEP Admin Assistant First 3 months (final)

SEEP Marketing Work Plan Nov 2020 (draft)

SEEP's Marketing Plan Guidance Notes Nov 20 (draft)

SEEP EOC Community Outreach Plan Oct 2020 (draft)

SEEP Directors Welcome Pack

SEEP Building & Land Maintenance and Upkeep Checklist

Annual Building & Equipment Maintenance Plan for SEEP Oct 2020 (Final)

SEEP Vehicle Inspection CheckList Oct 2020 (draft)

Annual Vehicle Maintenance Plan for SEEP Oct 2020 (draft)

SEEP’s Potential List of Marketing Areas

SEEP Organisational Chart Oct 2020 (draft)

List of Policies and Procedures for SEEP pre EMD

30 60 90 Plan SEEP Sep Oct Nov 2020

SEEP Emergency Vehicles Database

Position Description - Emergency Management Director for SEEP

Position Description - Emergency Management Coordinator for SEEP

SEEP - Lean Business Plan 1 Jul 20-31 Jun 21 (draft)

SEEP Acceleration Stakeholders List November 2020 (draft)

SEEP - Lean 3 Year Strategic Plan - Oct 2020 (draft)

SEEP Operational Budget 1 Jul 2021 TO 30 Jun 2022

Global Giving Grant Approval Dec 2021

Global Giving Grant Agreement 15 Dec 2021

Needs Assessment Survey Questions Feb 2022

Stakeholder List for Needs Assessment Mar 2022

Survey Monkey Needs Assessment Survey March 2022

Advert for SEEP Consultant Jan 2022

Report on CDMPs Aug 2022

Talking Points for Administrator Meetings Jun 2022

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