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We do not wish to reinvent the wheel. Our philosophy is to piggy-back on the best practices of World’s most successful nonprofits. We have learnt that nonprofits that succesfully grow past their stage of initial seed funding do the following things well: 

1/ They avoid costly mistakes by using lean startup or human centered design processes to test their ideas before seeking funding or media attention.

2/ They practice transparency and accountability by sharing the lessons they learn from failure.

3/ They use the “theory of change” model to correlate their vision with their program activities, which they then track over time.

4/ They focus on outcomes, rather than outputs and collect data on both.

5/ They develop a funding model that incorporates donations and earned income.

6/ They avoid mission drift, by integrating their earned-income strategy with their nonprofit’s core purpose.

7/ When collaborating with other nonprofits, they find areas where they can offer complementary services.

8/ They reverse the pyramid of the top-down power structure to empower their staff.

9/ They implement a governance structure for their board to boost members’ focus and engagement.

10/ They craft compelling stories to reinforce institutional memory and connect with donors.

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