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Status Report Accelerator May 2019

TWCF Project Grant Proposal (draft) Jan 2021

Templeton Budget Proposal (draft) Jan 2021

Building a Resilient Bahamas Pitch Deck

Accelerator Incubation Budget

The Bahamas Foundation Proposal - 10 Aug 21

The Bahamas Foundation Concept Note 18 Sep 21

Readiness Matrix

Templeton & Global Giving Overlaps

OEF Partnership Matrix March Last Updated 23 June 2021

OEF Core Partner Acceleration Steps Check List

Acceleration Steps for OEF Partners

OEFSEA Plan for Partner Acceleration 2020-21 (draft)

Accelerator Impact on OEF Strategic Plan

Graduation of OEF Partnership Organizations

OEFSEA Bare Bones Budget 2020-2022

OEFSEA Budget 2019-2022

Elevator Pitch Sep 2020

Organizational Review

OEFSEA Elevator Pitch Nov 2021

Launch of Social Enterprise Accelerator

OEFSEA Technical Assistance Menu

Accelerator Board Report Oct-Dec 2020 (final)

Accelerator Board Report Jan-Mar 2021 (final)

Accelerator Board Report Apr-Jun 2021 (final)

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