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oef strategic plan TIE IN

The OEFSEA supports the Objectives of the OEF Strategic Plan.

Objective 1.1: To improve OEF’s Board Governance. 

Objective 1.2: To facilitate the OEF’s Strategic Plan 2020-2021 

Objective 1.4:  To improve CTI’s Board Governance. 

Objective 2.1: To accelerate and help 7 of OEF’s core partners become independent and sustainable. 

Objective 2.3: Ensure our core partners become compliant with the NPO Act, 2019.  

Objective 2.4: To create a locally derived definition of social enterprise through assessing key research and community needs to incubate and provide support to non-profit organizations and other civic groups linking OEF as a supporter of non-profit organizations.

Objective 2.5: To create fiscal sponsorship models and have all partners sign onto a model.  

Objective 3.3: Increase access to capital for CTI students to launch their businesses in Eleuthera.  

Objective 4.1: To provide training on how to develop business plans and operate a business effectively.


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