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If you would like to incorporate and register your Non Profit Organisation (NPO), you have come to the right place. 


Our lawyers specialise in NPOs and social enterprises. What's more, they can save you money by providing these services at a fraction of the cost that you will find elsewhere.

registering as an unincorporated association

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We can register your NPO as an unincorporated association.  This is a new option under the NPO Act, 2019. It can be done relatively quickly. .

From $400 (payment plan)


The Non Profit Organisation Act, 2019 (NPO Act, 2019) was enacted on 25 May, 2020. All NPOs will have 90 days to register under the Act. 

For a copy of the NPO Act, 2019 click here.

For the Registration Process click here

For frequently Asked Questions about the NPO Act, 2019 click here.

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