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Boats in the Water


If you are an OEF Partner in Eleuthera and need help to scale your non-profit organisation (NPO), or social enterprise, you have come to the right place.

The process starts with you filling out an application form here.

This will give us an idea of the help that you will need. One of our advisors will review your application and get in touch with you to arrange a meeting with you and your stakeholders to decide on the priorities moving forward.

We have several ways in which we can help you take your NPO to the next level. We can help you: 

  1. Review and or craft your strategic plan, your business plan and your budgets going forward

  2. Create a Theory of Change and monitoring and evaluation indicators for success

  3. Create or update a partnership Agreement between your organisation and OEF

  4. Strengthen your Board Governance, identify skills shortages in your present Board and help you recruit new Directors for your organisation

  5. Document your programs and curricula

  6. Draft Policies and Procedures for your organisation

  7. Provide tailored training courses for the staff of your organisation

  8. Write a job description for members of staff that your organisation needs, provide executive search, and legal contract documents for signature 

  9. Strengthen your marketing function by helping you write a marketing plan and or social media engagement plan

  10. Find a website creator for you to create/revamp your existing website

  11. Write grant proposals for forward funding

  12. Write work plans/resource mobilisation plans to execute business plan

  13. Execute project management if required.

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